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pennsylvania, ohio, back toward indiana and this actually goes down toward texas. it is all moving off toward the east. where temperatures are well in the 40s this morning. in fact, 49 on the bay in annapolis. 46 coming in from prince frederick with bowie checking in at 45 along with scott at andrews air force base. la plata, 46. some of the cooler temperatures here in the valleys, petersburg, cumberland in the 30s. oakland at 50 degrees this morning in garrett county. our highs later today, 50s north to some low 60s south. high in d.c. right around 58. monika, stepping in from the left side. i like it. >> you notice it is a little different. i usually like to enter from the other side. don't move me around so fast. if you're planning to head around the beltway, things are looking fine. there are no problems all around town. first of all, we'll take a live look into rockville at route 355 in the heart of rockville there. no problems to report. as with you come in from frederick down to the beltway on route 355. let's see if we can take a look at the other side of town. 355 at route
-southwest wind. for us a storm system coming out of new mexico and texas look at the snow and the blue here headed toward oklahoma city. south of that slightly mild air. heavy rains texas, extendling up into southern illinois. this rain goes up to buffalo and rochester. there is a front with this. all going to be sliding slowly east. today the rains will say to our west. in southern indiana and western tennessee. i think we start with showers tomorrow morning. steadier rain midday south and east might take a little bit longer to get there. we will see periods of rain tomorrow and late wednesday night we could see another wave, bringing rain maybe mixed with snow. 61 today. tonight about 50. tomorrow 60 with the wet weather. wednesday in the 50-degree range. and cold tore finish out the week. >>> all around town. things were actually looking good monday morning. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed. you can see the beltways looking good all around town. first of all at 95, no problems to report from dale city. into springfield on to 395 they are looking good. no problems to report here. traf
of the appalachians. albuquerque at 30. in areas from new mexico and southwestern kansas oklahoma texas panhandleles, this is going to become a blizzard. rain in west texas. tomorrow a front is going to slip toward us. that will bring rain chances late tonight and tuesday. these clouds increase later in the day. showers in new york and new england. along i-70 through indianapolis, showers here and there late tonight tomorrow, tomorrow at noon. wednesday morning this will move in on top of us for wednesday. forecast today low 50s increasing clouds late. a few showers tonight and thursday. near 60 on wednesday with the rain developing. saturday rain which may end as a little bit of snow. >>> if you are planning to head around town, one can only hope it stays this wii. right now things are looking great all around the beltway. south side of town. speed limits at 65 miles per hour. inside the beltway on 66, 395 and even here on 25 heading over to the 11th street bridge. northbound of i-95. you may encounter a bit of volume there. but then it looks fine. we'll look at 66 inside the beltway, no problems t
into west texas where they're worried about freezing rain and some snow. you can see the snow falling in arizona. that's going to spread into new mexico and colorado and south dakota. maybe even wisconsin saturday night. now for us, closer to us anyway, we've got the front coming through michigan and northern indiana headed to ontario. this is going to pass -- well the weather with this is going to pass north of us. the front will pass us this afternoon. that's going to switch the wind around and for us, just cool us down a little bit as we head into the day on saturday. so next three days pretty good. 56 today. back to the 20s and 30s tonight. now tomorrow, chilly and 50. winds should be pretty light tomorrow and sunday. wind will turn back to the south and southwest so milder on sunday. upper 50s -- redskins and jets game, should be perfect football weather. tuesday, some showers possible. 60. and wednesday and thursday, now, mild and damp. temperatures in the 50s. here's monika samtani with the update. >>> thank you so much howard. i am happy to say that overall generally speaking
states including texas and kansas. in texas, police say they rescued at least 100 stranded drivers. >> today, bradley manning's defense team will start making his case. tuesday, private first class manning is accused of providing u.s. secrets to the wikileaks web site. the hearing determines whether the case will go to trial. >>> to mark the end of the iraq war, president obama attended a ceremony tuesday at andrews air force base. he welcomed home the top commanders of the u.s. forces in iraq and those commanders returned with the u.s. forces iraq flag which is the symbolic conclusion to the war. >>> it is a site where some musical legends shared their talents with d.c. a century ago and now the struggling lincoln theatre may have avoided going out of business. that is coming up at 5:48. >> we'll tell you which republican presidential front runner is headed here for a campaign event tonight. >> howard previews the first week of winter in his seven-day forecast. >>> we're halfway there. and howard has the forecast that doesn't seem like the beginning of winter. >> 12:30 tonight, we
's going on with a big dip in the clouds across mexico, texas, up toward the twin cities in chicago. this is where we've got the rain. texas, oklahoma, moving toward over here, travelers today, i'm afraid this is going to cause some delays. you'll notice in the northern edge, we've got snow for the twin cities, parts of northern wisconsin. around here, the clouds are coming. while the rain looks like there is a lot of it, a lot of it is not going to make it the way everything is shaping up now. we'll see some of it travel south and east. just sneaking in the shenandoah valley. might clip western and northern maryland here during the afternoon. i think pennsylvania up to new york have a better chance of seeing showers than down here south of the mason dixon line. as we head into tonight, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. quiet tonight. tomorrow morning, pittsburgh, back toward lexington, kentucky. a line of showers there. that approaches us toward the middle of the day. with showers. and then that pushes through during the afternoon. we clear out some tomorrow night. that front really
of texas-based think tank and they charged the moneys to charitable donations. one victim said $700 was taken from his account and given to the red cross and other charities. they have lined up enough targets to continue hacking into the accounts for the rest of this week. >>> one woman near atlanta is trying to spread the christmas spirit and land a job at the same time. liz hickok used christmas lights to post a resume on the side of her home. it includes her contact information on the site linkedin. >> the lights were an attempt to show my fun and creative side to problem solving. i've had people stop when i'm out and telling me about positions that they know of their company or some other company. i've had a lot of linkedin messages and a lot of linkedin views. >> hickok says she has heard from people as far away as italy but she's hoping to find her perfect job in the atlanta area where she lives. >>> an american achieves a worldwide feat of endurance before he graduates from high school. >> queen elizabeth's husband will likely spend the rest of 2011 in the hospital after a su
said she had a bad experience while she was breast-feeding in the aisle of a target in texas. she claims employees harassed her in the store. she later went online to complain about it. >> they all came and started like walking by and shaking their head like you know and rolling their eyes and shaking their head no, no, like i'm doing something so horrible. i'm feeding my baby here. i don't want maria to grow up and live in a world where that would ever happen. >> now, target has since apologized said moms are free to nurse their babies anywhere in the stores. the company is going over the policy to make sure employees know it, too. >> time now for the latest "your money" report this morning. good news is that european investors appear to be optimistic this morning. which gains predicted trading gets underway in about an hour. but that follows big losses in the u.s. yesterday. the dow plunged 140 points to close at 12,151. the nasdaq dropped 35 points and the s&p 500 fell about 16. >>> well, there is word a third baby recently became sick from bacteria sometimes associated with ta
that would clear the way for a controversial oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama is threatening to veto any measure that includes a fast track plan for the pipeline. he says lawmakers should vote on that measure separately. >> boehner defended the provision monday night, insisting it would create jobs. >> the american people want jobs. this is as close to a shovel- ready project as you're ever going to see. >> reporter: congress is scheduled to break for its holiday recess on friday but could stay longer if lawmakers don't reach a deal. susan mcinnis for cbs news, washington. >>> coming up in about 30 minutes, a white house correspondent from reuters news service will join us in studio with more on today's payroll tax cut debate. >>> still ahead, today's hero central profiles a local organization that is still going strong after decades of helping thousands of people find work. >> it is chilly. bundle up! i've got the 180s on, the gloves, the jacket. winds are fairly light. many of the reporting stations reporting calm winds. the day planner today, you can expect
in texas, once again, another area of low pressure sort of reloading here. lots of jet stream energy. so, you see all of the rain breaking out. some of this is on the hefty side, too. when you see all of the yellow and orange, that's a pretty moderate rain, quickly moving off to the northeast. clouds in advance will be with us today. the rain gets here tonight. we'll put the future cast in motion. here are the clouds by noon. this afternoon, mostly cloudy to cloudy. rain by evening. and charlottesville and west virginia, spreads in by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, you'll see the rains here. some of the rain will be locally on the hefty side. it pulls away. the next chance of showers will be christmas day and that storm might slide south of us. rain chances look less today than they did yesterday. 61 this afternoon. rain tonight could be heavy at times as we dip 40s to around 50. tomorrow, only in the low 50s. little bit cooler. chillier still on saturday. 46. christmas day, 49 degrees. slight chance of a shower. maybe a flurry, snow shower, sunday night into monday as we cool down into the middle 40
. see some showers in texas and also it is firing here across parts of florida. and georgia into the carolinas. that rain is going to stay well south of us. some of the clouds may have been streaming on top of us this morning. these are generally high, thin clouds. everything works out, we'll have a gorgeous sunrise around here in the next couple of hours with the thin clouds. today, our future cast, hey, we're going to have the clouds and precip staying well to the south and east of us. we'll stay dry here. we'll look toward 5:00 this afternoon, main a few more clouds down toward the northern neck, southern maryland, the eastern shore, most of us will be mostly to partly sunny. tonight, clear and chilly again. we head into the day on tuesday. a few light sprinkles there across parts of the tennessee valley. for us in washington, again, another quiet mostly sunny day. we get into tuesday evening, a few clouds start to get into the mountains here, main light snow showers by wednesday morning. places like erie and jamestown, new york. even through the middle of the week, our w
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11